Project Description

AO FaceAhead


Barcelona 05-07 May, 2022

Organized by AO CMF, the global academic community’s leader for innovative education and research in craniomaxillofacial care. 

“We are at a crossroad in medicine and CMF surgery. New technologies in regenerative medicine and genetics, virtual surgery and robots, and complex tissue transfer promise personalized and minimally invasive solutions for CMF patients.

FACE AHEAD 2022 will help you to understand and critically asses the relevance of these new ideas and developments and teach you the skills necessary to succeed in your surgical education and surgical practice.”

The event will be livestreamed worldwide to viewers, allowing them to take part in the action virtually. This will add another dimension to the event, taking it far beyond the constraints of the summit venue.


  • Amir Elbarbary
  • Benedicta Beck-Broichsitter
  • Daljit Dhariwal
  • Daniel E. Borsuk
  • Daniel Buchbinder
  • Federico Hernández Alfaro
  • Fernando Briceño
  • Florencio Monje Gil
  • Florian Thieringer
  • Gregorio Sánchez Aniceto
  • Iain McVicar
  • Irfan Shah
  • Javier Rodríguez Fernández
  • Jill Helms
  • Julio Acero Sanz
  • Lamont Jones
  • Marta Redondo Alamillos
  • Martin Stoddart
  • Mike Leung
  • Mirta Reksodiputro
  • Patricia Stoor
  • Rui Fernandes
  • Sabine Girod
  • Satyesh Parmar
  • Susana Heredero Jung
  • Vinay V. Kumar